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Our Classes

Our classes are based on the guidelines of Association Montessori International (AMI).  The younger children come for the morning class and the older children attend in the afternoon as well.

The morning class time includes a 2½-3 hour work period.  Children typically choose a variety of activities throughout the curriculum. The Montessori teacher (or guide) gives lessons to individual children or to small groups during that time.   At the end of the morning work period, the class gathers together for circle activities and outdoor play. Then the younger children go home.

The afternoon session for ages approximately 4½ through 6 is an important part of the Montessori program because it gives the older students a chance for more lessons and practice with advanced learning materials. The afternoon includes lunch, outdoor play time, a group time with stories, music or a new presentation, and individual work time.

The afternoon is the older students' time to develop more advanced skills and make discoveries about the world. A favorite advanced activity is the golden bead chain (30’ long!) from which children learn about numbers and their relationships.  The children love to lay out, count, and label each tenth bead, up to 1000.  Children might also be involved with maps, reading, writing, , researching and preparing science experiments, or an art or other special project.  These activities build the older children's academic skills.  The kindergarten year in our Montessori classroom is especially rewarding, helping students develop the concentration, work habits, social skills, and confidence that will help them succeed throughout their lives.

Our Montessori class serves children from 2½ -6 years of age.  The mixed age class becomes a community that supports the peer learning and social cohesion that are central to the Montessori experience.  The younger children learn from the older ones.  The older children develop confidence, a helpful outlook, and stronger academic and social skills as they relate with the younger ones.  We encourage families to stay through the kindergarten year to optimize the learning experience and personal benefits for their child.

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