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Why Montessori, Why Here?
Dedicated to helping children build skills for success in life - Kristen Sundquist, Director

When I attended Seattle University, I took a wide variety of courses, including honors humanities and philosophy courses, as well as math and science  courses for a possible career in electrical engineering. But I was always  drawn to teaching. 

My choice to teach was sealed after I watched children in a well-run Montessori classroom.  Kids at a young age are excited about learning.  A Montessori classroom provides a range of child-centered individual and group activities.  These specialized activities, which provide for progressive learning, were developed by Maria Montessori during her decades of early learning research.  As each activity unfolds, it suggests more to be learned, like one horizon giving way to another.  The children are naturally curious, and are drawn in.

When I saw this happening, I loved the enthusiasm of the children as they pursued activities in math, language, science, and art.  In a Montessori classroom, the child chooses from among many activities.  The teacher serves as a facilitator, or "guide," helping children choose individual and group activities depending on readiness and social skills.  In a good Montessori school, the interest and enthusiasm of the children shows.  Often they will do things that no one expects they can do.   When I saw this happening in the classroom, I dedicated myself to being the best possible Montessori guide.

Not all Montessori schools are the same. The "Montessori" label is in the public domain.  Anyone can call their school a Montessori school.  Prospective school parents should look for a wide range of the child-centered activities that were developed by Maria Montessori. Classroom materials include the popular pink tower for spatial relationships and coordination, the tuned musical bells, and the golden beads for math, among many others (Montessori Materials link).


The teacher, or guide, should have Montessori certification from an accredited Montessori training institution, not a remote-learning correspondence certificate or broader coursework that included information on Montessori practices. The best Montessori training includes direct instruction by accredited Montessori trainers in philosophy, methods, teaching materials, and classroom management, plus supervised teaching experience with the Montessori materials and supervised teaching in an established Montessori classroom.

At Children’s Garden Montessori School of Poulsbo, I bring to the classroom a complete set of Montessori learning activities, as well as four-year credentials from a teaching university with an accredited Montessori curriculum. With these tools and skills in the classroom, our children develop enthusiasm for learning and a true “I can do it” attitude.  Combine this with our peaceful natural setting, and you can provide a unique and vital positive preschool experience for your child – a unique preparation for school and for success in life.

Happy childhood memories are created here!

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